About us

Built for the age of e-commerce. Powered by the latest technology.

Droproot is a technology-driven delivery and togo food ordering system that enables poeple to find and order all Ethiopian and Eritrean food in the area. Our mission is to help Ethiopian restaurants increase customer loyalty by facilitating an incredible online ordering and pickup experience.

  • Powered by proprietary technology Droproot empowers/enables Ethiopian restaurants to delight customers like never before, gain full visibility into online ordering, and build brand loyalty with an incredible customer support experience.
  • Droproot helps Habesha restaurant owners thrive We offer an industry-leading SaaS operating platform combined with modern financial services and supporting business solutions, helping Habesha restaurants run all aspects of their business.
  • Strong commitment & Quality Service Trust, quality, and doing the right thing guide our decisions and we are committed to making a difference in the Ethiopian business and leaving things better than we found them.
  • When we say authentic, we really mean it. Cuisines Of Ethiopia, Not Ethiopian Cuisine. Our Ethiopian meals are curated by expert chefs across the world, with locally sourced ingredients from Ethiopia.